first International
Oil and Gas Licensing Round
in Ukraine

The State Geological Service of Ukraine released 30 onshore petroleum blocks for sale in online auctions at the public trading platform ProZorro.Sale. The concession blocks will be auctioned in a series of licensing rounds. In the first round, announced on December 6, 2018, ten blocks were offered in six regions, covering over 1 810 sq. km. Bidders will have 90 calendar days to decide and submit their applications.

Also two weeks later the Ukrainian government has approved the PSA tender terms for 12 onshore blocks with total acreage of over 13 thousand The bids should be submitted during 90 days, after the terms will be officially published by the Ministry of Energy.
Useful information
Ukrainian Energy Exchange is the leading electronic trading platform, accredited by the ProZorro.Sale. The UEEX has been selected as the official partner of the State Geological Service of Ukraine to sale the petroleum parcels and coordinate the online bidding.
Interagency Commission, leaded by Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, has announced the 12 Production Sharing Agreements to open tenders. After PSA terms will be officially announced, the bidders will have 90 days to submit.
Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine built the PlayBook with full of insights about the Natural Gas Production Sector of Ukraine. This scrutiny has to serve as the information background to facilitate the investment decisions of foreign energy companies as well as oil field services contractors.
Information on the tracts of land, located in the areas of auction blocks, is available for download and it could be more specified online on the Public Cadastral Map of Ukraine.
Information on licensed blocks is available on two online maps.
Information on most hydrocarbons wells and EIA reports are available on online registers.
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